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X- PRESS Chai TEA Latte – Makes 2

You will need:-

1 x 3 cup plunger

1 x teaspoon

1 x kettle

Fill kettle with fresh water & boil

Place 3 teaspoons (10g) of chai tea blend (we recommend All Natural X-Press Chai Black Tea for fast infusion) in bottom of plunger

If sugar or flavour required place up to 15ml syrup in bottom of 8oz cup

Eg: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Caramel, Sugar Syrup

Pour hot water into plunger (2/3 full) infuse 5 minutes

Steam your milk as per making a latte

When chai tea leaves infused push plunger down and pour 50 – 60ml of brew(1/3 volume) into 8oz cup

Add the steamed milk and create latte

Decorate with cinnamon or as desired by customer

Approx. cost of tea component less than .22cents per cup (200 cups per kilo)

pine@pineteacoffee.com.au to place your order or for more information click on below link


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