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Tea & Tradition...new seasons teas are coming

We have plenty of #silvertip tea and tradition at #pineteacoffee so why not visit our factory outlet or contact us for all your retail, home and wholesale tea requirements. It's tea tasting and sampling season and we have seen so many samples from India (Assam & Darjeeling) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) lately, our buying is nearly done and the containers are almost full and ready for shipping. Clayton is dreaming tea, he and son Nicholas have tasted hundreds and hundreds of samples and not many make the cut.
Very fussy here on the quality we offer our loyal customers, I hope you can all taste the effort and work that is done at this level, t'is a lot of sipping, slurping and spitting....and cleaning up.
Keep an eye out for our premium silvertip new seasons teas as they will start to arrive in Australia from November onwards,
Our family business started in 1996 and we are here to help you grow your business too.

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