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2020 Father's Day Blend

A blend for the environment & the “Wild Thing” in Dad. Coffee is often grown in the same areas & under the same climatic conditions as the great jungles of the world. Just like our great jungles, our coffee plantations are threatened by climate change & need our care. This year’s blend is a tribute to some of the great jungles of the world & the many animal species that survive in them.
Our FATHERS DAY blend consists of the below:
Rwanda Gihombo
An elegant coffee, red cherry, currants, milk chocolate, great body
Tanzania Tarime
Dark chocolate, blackcurrant, floral, citrus; juicy
Congo Kivu
Dark chocolate, liquorice, sugar cane sweetness, lychee, blackcurrant/mulberry notes
Kenya Makwa
Red berries, chocolate, raisin notes
Uganda Bugisu
Black Currant Fruit, Dark Chocolate
Brazil Daterra Bruzzi
Sweet Smooth, Rich, Chocolate, Cherry, Tobacco, Great Espresso.
The final result is a Rich Coffee with a lasting Cocoa Cherry taste.
$ 15.00 per 250 gram

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