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Granny's Garden - Fruit Tea Best Seller

Granny's Fruit Garden

Flavoured fruit melange


In this low-acid fruit melange the fresh, springlike taste of strawberry and rhubarb is perfectly refined with the tart note of currants and causes a fruity, fresh taste experience for young and old.

This very popular fruit tea is perfect as a summer ICED TEA or COLD BREW to enjoy on one of those hot Aussie days.

Simply add cold water and brew. 

Great to take on picnics and BBQ with the family as each 250ml serve only contains less than 1 calorie with NO ADDED SUGAR.

Important Notice

For food safety reasons, always use boiling water to steep fruit melanges and brew the tea for at least 6-8 minutes!

  • Flavor: Rhubarb
  • Flavoring: fruity
  • Brewing Time: 8-10 minutes
  • Dosage: 1-2 heaped tea spoons
  • Brew Temperature: 100°C
  • Contains: Apple bits, elderberries, beetroot bits, hibiscus, blackberries, black currants, flavour, raspberries, blackberry leaves, strawberry bits, red currants
  • SHOP ONLINE @ http://bit.ly/2MYDVSa

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