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Darjeeling Singbulli Estate 2nd Flush SFTGFOP1 CH FLY (DJ-35)

Originally established in 1924 by British planters, the Singbulli Estate spreads across rolling hills stretching 24 kilometres in the Mirik area of Darjeeling.

This renowned loose leaf tea estate of the Mirik Valley produces a harvest known for alluring emerald-green silver tipped leaves that create a bright cup with refreshing floral notes and intoxicating taste of fresh wheat grass followed by a light note of crispy fruit flavours.

Silvertip Singbulli Estate Second Flush SFTGFOP1 CH FLY (DJ-35)

Yellowish-brown, neatly twisted leaves produce an amber coloured, smooth, full bodied cup, with tastes of aromatic muscatel grape, honey, ripe tropical fruit and sweet floral nuances.

Silvertip Singbulli Estate First Flush SFTGFOP1 CH FLY (DJ-32) (Available at same price by special request)

Greenish leaf infuses a golden yellow cup with fresh floral fragrances, buttery mouth feel, and refreshing crisp tropical fruit sweetness with hint of almond lingering into the finish.

The Kakra “FLY” designation on these organic 2019 first and second flush Singbulli teas refers to a leaf that has been visited by the Indian Green Fly, whose ministrations cause an initial oxidation before

Contains: Black tea from India.

Brew 3-5 minutes at 95C-100C

Silvertip Darjeeling also available in the below, please contact us for more info:

250g = $56.00

500g = $84.00

1kg = $140.00



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