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Roast Dates

Let’s be frank, we don’t roast gourmet coffee every day, and certainly not every specialty coffee blend every day.

That is not possible unless we get a lot more people in the Hills District buying premium gourmet coffee from a local coffee roaster as opposed to cheap supermarket coffees.

Please spread the word so we can roast coffee more often.

But our premium coffee is always fresher and better quality than that sourced at supermarkets.

If you want the freshest roast coffee then please ask, but it may not be your first choice.

We generally roast every 2nd or 3rd day and more often in busy periods.

You may be lucky and find a coffee roast has just been fresh roasted on the day.

On occasions customers have waited for a roast to cool from the coffee roaster. That’s okay as well.


If the big coffee brands bought the quality that we do from the small lots available only the rich would be able to afford coffee – that is a fact! Have a look at the price of rare Genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain at around $200 - $300 per kilo and that is where all gourmet coffee would be.

Fortunately the big brands want an easier more cost effective life supplying the mass market, and buy 50 tonnes and larger lots of average standard origin coffees from major green coffee bean exporters. The market leader in Australia buys 20 times that much every week. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world behind oil.

Most “gourmet” farms would not produce 50 tonnes of coffee in a year and in fact many a lot less.

And another fact - the big coffee roasters produce more roasted beans each morning than we do in a year.

True gourmet coffee makes up about 1% of the roasted coffee beans in Australia and there are about 2,000 plus gourmet roasters across the country.

If you ever thought our coffee to be special - well it is!

Some cafes do roast small micro lots on in house roasters but their range of coffee is small. And most small gourmet roasters do not carry more than 10 green coffees

Pine Tea and Coffee carries boutique green coffees from over 30 origin countries and numerous locations and different manufacturing processes from within those countries – all up over 50 types and trying new types whenever they come available

The market leading roaster, based in Sydney, accounts for over 40% of roasted beans in Australia. Roasted coffee is 35% and instant coffee 65% of total coffee consumption in Australia, though capsules and pods are taking share from both categories.


Ask yourself :- If put to the blind test can I taste the difference between a coffee roasted 3 days ago, 6 days ago, 9 days ago and all ground at the same time? Maybe you should try it.

Ground coffee will lose flavour quickly, so buy whole beans only for freshness. This is why cafes buy whole beans and grind to order for the espresso machine. They do not buy coffee beans every day and their coffee held in stock is generally a lot older than we sell out the door.

And let’s also be honest about aged coffee. In over 40 years in this business I have not yet found the roaster who throws out aging coffee. If that was true then they are either overcharging for the coffee they do sell, or they will go out of business. If they say they do throw out old coffee then ask if you can have it for your favourite charity – should be an interesting answer!

There is always a demand for aging coffee. A good range can be found in our very popular “Specials” section which seems to be in “hot” repeat demand.

We even supply an unnamed distributor with bulk aging coffee at a cheaper wholesale price, which is then packed under his brand and sold at full price – it seems our coffee is that good!

Coffee does not have a “use by” but we all agree it does have a “best before” for best flavour, and that can vary dependent upon the quality of coffee and the roast level.

Dark coffee ages faster as oils on the surface of the bean deteriorate.

Another “age” factor is the time that coffee often sits in the home pantry. We recommend customers buy less and more often if usage is low. Always make sure the coffee is kept in a sealed container and in a cool location.

Coffee will last longer in the fridge, but the freezer is not recommended.


We hope that everybody appreciates the excellent quality of all our coffees even if some are not roasted in the past 24 hours.

It would be unfortunate if the range was reduced in an attempt roast every day.

Our customers hang out for consistent good quality, variety and a new experiences.

If you have any particular request please ask and we will see what is possible

Enjoy your coffee and drink what pleases you most as we do.

For all your local coffee roasting and cafe supplies you can also visit us at our Factory Outlet in Castle hill

Clayton Pine – Grand Master Roaster

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