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Christmas Coffee Blend

Just roasted by your local gourmet coffee roaster our new 2018 Christmas Coffee Blend.

Due to popular demand by our local Castle Hill and Sydney Hills customers we have prepared our first batch of 2018 Christmas Coffee Blend.

Enjoy a Richer & Darker roast featuring Sumatran Wahana Natural, Kenya Makwa AA, Panama Esplendorosa, Nicaraguan Las Brisas & Carlos Ferry Natural, EL Salvador Los Nogales, Hawaiian Kona & the long awaited return of the Jamaican Blue Mountain. 

Endulge your taste buds with decadent dark chocolate, stone fruits, black currants, walnuts, macadamias that will have you craving each cup and savouring its subtle toffee aftertaste.

You will love the upgraded blend and darker roast we have done this year, it is suitable for ALL coffee preparations from Espresso and Cappuccino to Filter and Plunger.

Why not come by the local Castle Hill Factory Outlet to pick up some pre-packed gift packs today or we can grind on the spot to suit your needs.

Or click on the link below so we can ship to you direct.


Why not contact us for wholesale coffee supplies, we have a huge range of award winning gourmet coffee blends and single origin coffees.

Have a Happy & Safe Christmas

Clayton and Lesley 

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