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“Beeng Cha” Wild Green Pu-Erh

Unlike other Beeng Cha teas, this one is unfermented.

The leaf base is selected from wild tea trees. The taste is akin to a dark green tea. As the leaves age, they will mellow out and astringency will decrease, but in the meantime you can counterbalance the green taste by making sure you do not over-steep the leaves. Yields several brews if prepared gongfu style. Perfect for drinking with dim sum meals, or for sharing with the best of company.

Helps in digestion. Considered a medicinal tea in China, this Pu-erh is believed to reduce cholesterol levels and aid in weight loss. Pu-erh teas are aged before they are consumed, unlike other teas which are meant to be consumed shortly after production.

Pu-erh teas are at least 1-4 years old, but can also be aged for more than 50 years! Over this time, Pu-erh teas ferment, which leads to their earthy flavour, as opposed to the flavour of oolong or black teas, which comes from oxidation.

Enjoy your tea!

We now have “Beeng Cha” tea cakes available for wholesale supply in black, green and white varieties

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