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BARCELONA BLEND - Coffee of the Month

High Roasted, strong, bitter sweet, dark chocolate, cocoa and maple syrup. The blend is as unique as the ingredients are scarce. Bourbon El Salvador from third generation farmers, washed Bugisu Arabica from smallholders in Uganda, the much embargoed and scarce Cubano grown under forest canopies in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, finished with truly exceptional candy-like and a spicy-dry varietals. Excellent Espresso! Best Seller    

Regions: El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Uganda, & India

Type: Arabica & a hint of Robusta

Altitude: 850 – 2500 MASL

Roast Temp: 230  ̊C

Average Roast: 14min

Tasting Notes: Bitter Sweet, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa and Maple Syrup.


Brew Methods:


Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White

Iced Espresso (with or without milk)


If you need a head start to your morning grind, a mid-day pick me up or an all-nighter you’ve found the right coffee. Click here to order  https://bit.ly/2IkTIL0

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