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2019 Christmas COFFEE Blend

Christmas Blend features an atypical selection of limited release origin micro-lots and rare old favourites.
Sumatran Doluk Sangul wet pulped Blue Bianca, Kenya Kiambu County Kigutha AA, Panama Boquete Esplendorosa, Nicaraguan Jinotega Las Brisas Estate, Honduras Belen Gualcho Ocotepeque Victor Sanchez.
We have again added the award winning genuine & 
RARE Hawaiian Kona Makapueo with its distinct & region specific famous well balanced creamy, nutty taste.
And, of course, the RARE pièce de résistance Jamaica Blue Mountain from Nomlaz Farms
This bespoke coffee combines the taste preferences of our customers to produce a perfectly balanced & carefully roasted cup.
We have over the year headed to competitions with sweat sensations, single origin specialties, light & dark roast indulgences, but in the end we came back to what our customers prefer, a select blend across origins roasted to 222°C to bring you flavor notes of decadent cocoa rich chocolate, stone fruits, a fruit bowl of citrus, black currants, raspberries, walnuts & macadamias 
with a subtle toasted toffee aftertaste.
It’s the crème brûlée of coffee.

Enjoy a Happy, Safe & Merry Christmas
Very special – limited roast supply

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